Global Nurse Force Offers IELTS and OET Training Exclusively for Nurses

Our Goal is to Help You Pass Your IELTS or OET Exam
So You Can Start Your Dream Job Abroad


We provide high quality live classes, video courses, essay corrections and mock exams so that you clear your IELTS or OET exam with the required score.

Let us help you get to IELTS 7 or OET Grade A or B faster and more effectively through our live and online preparation courses.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our courses are designed by expert IELTS and OET instructors with a strong focus on exam practice.
  • Our live classes allow you to practice all 4 areas of the IELTS or OET exam and receive personalized feedback in real time.
  • We offer sufficient practice exams for the IELTS & OET Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections under simulated exam conditions.
  • Our IELTS & OET video content has been created by UK native instructors and Ex-IELTS examiners.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Nurses who want to get to OET Grade A or B or IELTS 7 quickly and effectively.
  • Nurses who are retaking IELTS or OET and want specialized training in one or two areas of the exam.
  • Nurses who want quick personalized training or an instant boost before their IELTS or OET exam.
  • Nurses who want the hints, tips and knowledge needed to secure a good score on the IELTS or OET exam.