Empowering Women in Healthcare: Sujitha’s Inspiring Journey as an International Nurse

On International Women’s Day, Global Nurse Force celebrates the countless women who dedicate their lives to improving the well-being of others. In the healthcare field, their impact is undeniable, and their stories serve as powerful testaments to resilience, dedication, and the transformative power of empowerment. Among these remarkable individuals stands Sujitha Kuttiyil Jacob, a nurse whose […]

H-1B vs. EB-3 Visa Options for Nurses

H-1B vs. EB-3 Visa: A Comprehensive Guide for Nurses Migrating to the U.S. Are you a registered nurse exploring opportunities to migrate to the United States for work? Understanding the visa options available is crucial for a smooth transition. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare two popular choices for nurses: the H-1B visa and EB-3 visa.  […]

Global Nurse Diaries: Stories of Our Nurses in the UK

Anina Merin George: Swansea Bay University Health Board, Wales, UK Meet Anina, a talented young nurse from Kerala, India. Anina attended Global Nurse Force’s face-to-face interviews for Swansea Bay University Health Board last year and is now on the path to becoming a full-fledged UK RN. What prompted you to choose the UK as your […]

How do international nurses transition from HCA to Registered Nurse

Are you a healthcare assistant interested in becoming a registered nurse? This blog is for you. There is no doubt that being a healthcare assistant is every bit as rewarding as being a registered nurse. However, everyone wants to grow in their career. If you have been working as a healthcare assistant for quite some […]

Tips for writing a medical CV for the NHS

When it comes to applying for a nursing job in the UK and securing a place within the NHS, the first step is to have an up-to-date CV on hand. Putting together a nursing CV for the NHS can be confusing. What should you mention on your CV? What should the structure be like? Continue […]

Here’s How to Prepare References for an NHS Application

The NHS (National Health Service) is the largest employer in the UK employing nursing professionals from all over the world. If you are looking to pursue a nursing job in the UK, you will definitely need to have relevant and up to date references. Continue reading to find out why proper references are crucial to […]

Understanding the NHS Nursing Banding System

The NHS nursing banding system was created to ensure a clear system for nursing pay. Below is a description of NHS Pay Bands for newly qualified nurses up to highly experienced nursing consultants. Within each band, different levels of pay are on offer based on experience. Nurses can move up the scale through work experience […]

A Guide to Live and Work in Manchester for Nurses

Manchester is the second-largest city in the United Kingdom with a population of around 2.68 million. It is ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK right now. Below is a guide for nurses looking to move to Manchester. Is it a good place to live? Manchester is a bustling and […]

Everything You Need to Know about a Skilled Worker, Health and Care Dependent Visa

Nothing compares to the excitement you feel when you are offered an overseas nursing job in the UK NHS. While you are elated to move to the UK, you can’t wait to take your family there as well. Since you are a Tier 2 visa holder, you can take your dependents along with you to […]

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