Within the NHS, each nurse receives a salary according to their skills, abilities and work responsibilities. If you choose to pursue a nursing career in the UK, rest assured, you will be financially secure. Nurses just starting their careers receive a minimum salary of £24K a year. You will also receive a generous pension scheme and a variety of discounts including transport, accommodation and children’s education. … Continue Reading >The Top 5 Benefits of Working as a Nurse in the UK?

How often have you walked into an interview feeling terrified? Well, you are not alone.

The healthcare sector in the UK is very progressive and offers tons of employment opportunities,

Have you been dreaming about working as a nurse in the UK? Can’t blame you.

Getting Nursing Right for London Capital Nurse’s vision is to get nursing right for London; ensuring that

There are a number of childcare options in the UK. Below we describe some of

On September 25th, NHS England and NHS Improvement shared a letter with directors of nursing

Many nurses decide to change their NHS Trusts once they have completed their contract of

Starting Salary for Newly Qualified Nurses in the NHS The current starting salary for a

What is Maintenance? In order to qualify for a Tier 2 (General) Visa, you must

Below are some of the expenses you need to be aware of when you move

When you arrive in the UK, you will not be allowed to leave the place

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