Global Nurse Diaries: Stories of Our Nurses in the UK

Stories of Our Nurses

Anina Merin George: Swansea Bay University Health Board, Wales, UK

Stories of Our Nurses

Meet Anina, a talented young nurse from Kerala, India. Anina attended Global Nurse Force’s face-to-face interviews for Swansea Bay University Health Board last year and is now on the path to becoming a full-fledged UK RN.

What prompted you to choose the UK as your destination for career advancement?

With over 4.5 years of experience working in the ICU department, I have always harbored a desire to expand my career horizons and explore new avenues. The UK, with its unparalleled opportunities and exposure, presented itself as the perfect destination to fulfill my dreams. The National Health Service (NHS), in particular, piqued my interest with its vast potential for growth and development.

Stories of Our Nurses
Anina exploring Wales

As you traverse the journey from Kerala to Wales, how has the experience been?

My journey from Kerala to Wales has been nothing short of an incredible adventure. The warm hospitality and welcoming nature of the people have made me feel right at home. The breathtaking beauty of Wales with its stunning coastlines and serene beaches not to mention the presence of a strong Indian and Malayalee community has further made me feel connected to my roots.

What has your experience been like working at the NHS?

I am currently working as a trainee nurse at Swansea Bay UHB while preparing for my OSCE. The staff and trainers at the NHS have been extremely supportive and caring, making my journey a truly fulfilling one. The benefits and amenities provided by the NHS are exceptional, making it an excellent workplace for nursing professionals.

What advice would you give to aspiring nursing professionals who wish to follow in your footsteps?

I urge all aspiring nursing professionals to pursue their dreams with passion and determination. The UK, with its abundance of opportunities, is the ideal destination for those looking to make a mark in the healthcare industry. While the journey may have its ups and downs, perseverance and hard work can lead to a world of opportunities at the NHS.

Anina hails from the Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, India, and is currently working as a trainee nurse under Swansea Bay UHB. Anina is working hard towards clearing her OSCE becoming a UK RN.

Global Nurse Force wishes her all the success in her future endeavors as she strives to make a positive impact on the lives of her patients.


Global Nurse Diaries: Stories of Our Nurses in the UK
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