About Us

Since 2000 Global Nurse Force has been connecting talented international nurses with healthcare facilities around the world. Our purpose today is the same as it always has been – placing nurses on the path to career success while providing our clients the best nursing staff available anywhere.

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The Company
You Can Trust

Some recruitment companies leave you with more questions than answers – Not Global Nurse Force!

In order to find the perfect job abroad, you need to ask the tough questions.

And you should receive answers that inspire ultimate confidence. If you’re not satisfied – ask again.

So, go ahead. Ask us about our services, our background, our clients and more. We’ll even volunteer information that you might not have thought of – like our placement philosophy, our vision for our nurses and how we prepare them for long term success.

We are fully aware that not all recruitment companies want you to ask the hard questions. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the right answers!

Throughout this website, we have tried to answer many of your questions about working as a Registered Nurse in the UK, Ireland and USA.

If you have additional questions, call us, email us or walk into our office. We bet you won’t be disappointed!

Our Vision

At Global Nurse Force, we believe nurses can be catalysts for change - creating healthier communities and a healthier world. They are caregivers, educators, innovators and leaders. By helping nurses access better education, training and working conditions, we know that we can improve health for everyone, everywhere.

Our Mission

At Global Nurse Force, we are committed to the ethical recruitment, training and placement of international nurses. Our goal is to place nurses on the path to career success while providing our healthcare clients the best nurses from around the world.

Our Values


We respect the inherent value and worth of every person.


We recognize and use the power of diversity to achieve more together.


We treat our candidates, clients and each other with mutual respect.


We communicate openly with everyone and learn from one another.

Continuous Improvement

We reach across boundaries for new ideas and innovations to improve our services.