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The IELTS Exam is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration.

OET Coaching & IELTS Coaching


The OET English language exam has been developed for healthcare professionals. OET for nursing reflects real-life nursing tasks.

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Our courses are designed by expert IELTS and OET instructors with a strong focus on exam practice.

Our live classes allow you to practice all 4 sections of the IELTS or OET exam and receive personalized feedback in real time.

Our IELTS & OET video content has been created by UK native instructors and Ex-IELTS examiners.

Never miss a class – we’ll provide you a recording of the lesson to watch at home when you’re free.

Who Should Enroll

Nurses Ready and Determined to Pass their IELTS or OET Exam

Nurses who want to get to OET Grade A or B or IELTS 7 quickly and effectively.

Nurses who are retaking IELTS or OET and want specialized training in one or two areas of the exam.

Nurses who want quick personalized training or an instant boost before their IELTS or OET exam.

Nurses who want the hints, tips and knowledge needed to secure a good score on the IELTS or OET exam.

What Our IELTS & OET Students Say


Common Questions About the IELTS & OET

  • What is IELTS?

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test to assess the English language skills of candidates who want to study, work or migrate to a country where English is the official language of communication.

  • What is the purpose of IELTS?

    The purpose of the IELTS test is to assess the English language reading, writing, listening and speaking ability of a person who wants to study, work or migrate to an English speaking country.

  • What skills are tested in IELTS?

    Four skills are tested – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • Who accepts IELTS?

    The IELTS score is accepted by more than 9,000 organizations worldwide, including schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. Nursing registration bodies in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada & Australia accept IELTS

  • Which version of IELTS do I need to take?

    IELTS Academic is for candidates wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level and for those seeking professional registration. Nurses interested in working in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia or Canada should take Academic IELTS.

  • What is OET?

    OET is designed to assess the English language skills of candidates who want to study or work in countries where English is the language of communication. It is the English language test for healthcare professionals.

  • How is OET different from other English Tests?

    The OET is designed for 12 specific healthcare professions. Tests reflect real workplace tasks and relevant language skills.

  • What countries recognize OET as proof of English Language Proficiency?

    OET is recognized as proof of English Language proficiency by health regulators Australia, Dubai, U.K., Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, and Namibia.

  • How long does it take to receive OET results?

    OET results are published on the official website 17 days after the day of the test. Healthcare professionals can access their results by visiting their profiles on the official website.

  • How long is my OET score valid?

    OET scores are generally valid for 2 years. The exam is accepted in multiple countries and each country and the medical board pertaining to the country has the discretionary power to decide the validity of the said exam.

About Our Training

  • Will I get assistance with all four modules?

    Yes, you will get assistance in all four modules through one on one sessions.

  • How long will the one on one session last?

    1 hour a day or longer if required (trainer discretion)

  • Will I be provided training materials?

    All training material will be free of cost.

  • Is there any online training material provided?

    Yes, we have a tie up with a premium online English language preparation provider. Unlimited access to this platform is provided. Please note: this access is available only for students registering for 2 months or more.

  • What duration of course is required for a first-time test taker?

    The duration strictly depends on your proficiency in English. But most non-English speakers with no prior knowledge of the Exam will need a minimum of 2 months.


For IELTS or OET Success

  • Begin IELTS or OET test preparation well in advance

    Improving your English language skills requires continuous practice and commitment. Cramming before the test is not an effective strategy.

  • Find a friend or colleague who is fluent in English

    Some people learn better by doing rather than listening. If this is you, you need to find a friend or family member that speaks English well and engage them. By routinely speaking with this person, you’ll improve your listening and speaking skills.

    You can also practice listening by watching English movies and television shows. For reading practice, search topics that interest you on the internet or read English language newspapers or magazines.

  • Know details about the test your taking

    Uncertainty leads to fear. Find out all the details about the IELTS or OET exam beforehand so you know exactly what you’re up against.

    Many test takers fail their IELTS or OET exam not because of their English language skills but because they failed to follow the directions. Don’t let this happen to you.

  • Do not try to memorize answers

    Many candidates who go on to fail their English language exams memorize sentences and paragraphs from practice exams and try to use them whenever possible. Oftentimes, examiners can identify this.

    Memorizing questions and answers from practice exams will do little for you on test day when you are taking an entirely different test.

  • Remember to stay calm

    The speaking portion of the exam can be challenging for many individuals who are at a loss for words when they need it most. Don’t worry! This happens to almost everyone. Take a deep breath and the words will come to you.