The State of the the World’s Nursing Workforce| Global Nurse Force

The WHO’s State of the the World’s Nursing Report Lists 10 Key Actions for the

Why International Nurses Want to Work in the United Kingdom | Global Nurse Force

The United Kingdom has one of the best health systems in the world! Whether you

Requirements for International Nurses to Work in the UK| Global Nurse Force

Be a Fully Qualified, Registered Nurse Nursing degree or diploma 1 Year of nursing experience

Re-opening of selected UK Visa Application Centres in India| Global Nurse Force

From 6 July UK Visas and Immigration is beginning a phased resumption of services and

Eight Steps for Foreign Educated Nurses to Work in America| Global Nurse Force

1) Meet Education & Work Requirements · Diploma or BSN from an accredited RN program

How The Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act Can Help Nurses From India to Live & Work in America| Global Nurse Force
How to Prepare for Online Interviews| Global Nurse Force

Here are some useful tips to help you ace your online interview Look the Part

10 Reasons to Join the UK NHS as an Overseas Nurse | Global Nurse Force

Guaranteed Long-Term Contract: As a nurse working within the NHS, you will be offered a


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