The State of the World’s Nursing Workforce

Nursing Workforce

The WHO’s State of the the World’s Nursing Report Lists 10 Key Actions for the Future Direction of Nursing Workforce Policy

1. Countries affected by shortages will need to increase funding to educate and employ at least 5.9 million additional nurses.

2. Countries should strengthen capacity for health workforce data collection, analysis and use.

3. Nurse mobility and migration must be effectively monitored and responsibly and ethically managed.

4. Nurse education and training programs must graduate nurses who drive progress in primary healthcare and universal health coverage.

5. Nursing leadership and governance is critical to nursing workforce strengthening.

6. Planners and regulators should optimize the contributions of nursing practice.

7. Policy makers, employers and regulators should coordinate actions in support of decent work.

8. Countries should deliberately plan for gender-sensitive nursing workforce policies.

9. Professional nursing regulation must be modernized.

10. Collaboration between key stakeholders from the public and private sectors is the key to success

The Value of Nurses is Now Clearly Evident

One thing that has become clear during the COVID-19 pandemic is the value of nurses in health care. Nurses contributions as care providers, patient advocates, researchers, educators and leaders have never been more important than they are right now.

Countries around the world face huge challenges providing healthcare to their people due to scarce resources, the rising burden of chronic diseases and global pandemics like the coronavirus pandemic we are witnessing today.

Currently, health services are not getting the most out of nurses who are often undervalued and unable to work to their full potential.

As the health professionals closest to their communities, nurses can be a key part of the solution to today’s health challenges if they are properly deployed, valued and included in health decision making. The WHO’s State of the World’s Nursing 2020 provides a framework to build the nursing profession to meet the changing health needs of the 21st Century. Maximizing the potential of nurses will ensure everyone everywhere has access to quality healthcare services.

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The State of the World’s Nursing Workforce

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