Benefits of Direct-Hire Nursing Jobs in America

By on December 27th, 2020

Benefits of Direct-Hire Nursing Jobs in America| Global Nurse Force

When you apply for a nursing job in America, you generally have two options – a direct job offer from a healthcare facility in the U.S. or a job offer from a nurse staffing agency that contracts your services to a healthcare facility.

At Global Nurse Force, we believe a job offer directly from a healthcare facility is beneficial for international nurses for the following reasons:

Permanent Employee of Healthcare Facility

If you accept a job offer directly from a healthcare facility, you will become a permanent employee of the facility and receive the same pay and benefits as the regular staff members. You will feel like you’re “part of the team” from day one.

If you receive a job offer from a nurse staffing agency, your pay and benefits may be different from permanent staff members working at the healthcare facility. Your agency is responsible for your salary and benefits rather than the healthcare facility.

You Get to Pick Your Job Location

When you receive a job offer directly from a hospital, you’ll know where you’ll be working from day one. You can plan ahead for various requirements including licensing, housing, children’s schooling, etc. Your spouse can even start exploring employment opportunities.

 If you already have family in the U.S., you can explore job options in the same locality.

When you secure a job offer from a nurse staffing agency, you generally need to remain flexible with the job location. This can lead to stress and anxiety since you may not know your job location until a few months before arriving in the U.S. Moreover, you may be required to work in a city or state that may not be suitable for your family.

Smooth Immigration Process

When you receive a job offer directly from a healthcare facility, the healthcare facility will act as your green card sponsor.  At Global Nurse Force, we’ve seen that immigration petitions where the healthcare facility is the sponsor usually do not face any challenges from U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS officers know exactly where you’ll be working and are less likely to question these petitions.

Immigration petitions filed by nurse staffing agencies often face multiple hurdles. U.S.   Citizenship & Immigration Services doesn’t seem to like the staffing business model.   USCIS officers are often suspicious when nurses are hired by a staffing agency and contracted to healthcare facilities across the U.S.  We’ve seen petitions filed by staffing agencies receive requests for evidence and denials much more often. This can lead to delays in your arrival in the U.S.

Global Nurse Force can help you secure a rewarding nursing job directly with one of our hospitals in the U.S. From finding you the perfect job, to quick processing of your green card, to post arrival support – We handle it all! When you decide to work with us, all you need to bring are your skills and aspirations. The rest is here for you! We’ll help you to learn new skills, expand your career and accomplish your dreams in America!

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