Tips for writing a medical CV for the NHS

Tips for writing a medical CV

When it comes to applying for a nursing job in the UK and securing a place within the NHS, the first step is to have an up-to-date CV on hand. Putting together a nursing CV for the NHS can be confusing. What should you mention on your CV? What should the structure be like? Continue reading for tips on writing the perfect nursing CV for the NHS.

Header: The topmost section or the header is where you will need to mention your name, contact number, address and email id. Make sure these details are mentioned in a readable font and spaced properly. Also, make sure they are correct.

Core Clinical Skills: Next mention your core clinical skills and competencies. You can mention these details in bullet points. If you are not sure what clinical skills you should mention, go through the job description to better understand what the employer is looking for. Carefully mention the most relevant skills and achievements at the top. Your core skills should sell your CV to the hiring professionals within seconds. It is important to distill your nursing experience into a few key terms that detail your core nursing skills as well as your career level.

Employment Experience: You should mention your employment history in detail: include your job title, name of the employer and the appropriate joining and relieving dates. Under each job role, you can mention your duties and responsibilities in bullet points. Remember to tweak your responsibilities when applying for a job, making your profile look like the best match possible. 

If you have a lot of work experience, you can provide brief descriptions of your earlier job roles. If you have any employment gaps between jobs, it is vital to mention the reason for the gap. You don’t have to discuss it in detail; a sentence or two will suffice. 

The hiring manager wants to see your hard and soft skills, management experience and day to day responsibilities.

Educational Qualifications: Next, you need to talk about your academic qualifications. Start with the most recent qualification. Include dates and your institution’s name to give the employer a better understanding of your education. In this section, apart from your schooling and nursing qualification, you can also mention any training you have taken.

References: You can conclude your CV with this section. Mention your referees’ contact details if you have space or wish to. If not, you can mention AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. When the employer wishes to contact your referees, you can always email their details.

Once again, the important elements of a well written nursing CV for the NHS will include:

  • Contact Details
  • NMC Registration / Pin (if available)
  • Core Clinical Skills
  • Employment Experience
  • Educational Qualifications
  • References

Follow above structure to write an impressive CV for nursing jobs in the UK NHS. Make sure to keep it up to date. 

For further advice and support on relocating to the UK and finding the perfect nursing job abroad, please email us at, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

At Global Nurse Force, we have successfully helped thousands of nurses secure rewarding nursing careers in the UK. We can help you too!

Tips for writing a medical CV for the NHS

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