Understanding the NHS Nursing Banding System

NHS Nursing

The NHS nursing banding system was created to ensure a clear system for nursing pay. Below is a description of NHS Pay Bands for newly qualified nurses up to highly experienced nursing consultants. Within each band, different levels of pay are on offer based on experience. Nurses can move up the scale through work experience and further education.

Band 2 — Healthcare Assistant

A healthcare assistant is the first point of contact and the one who delivers the initial care to the patient. In this role, you will not only be required to help the patient around with things like helping them wash, changing bedpans, keeping departments clean and taking note of some basic observations. You will also require to make them extremely comfortable. You will be working and taking care of people across different age groups. Currently, a healthcare assistant gets paid around £18,005/-.

Band 3 — Emergency Care Assistant

This role is crucial and requires you to be extremely vigilant, as you will be offering care to patients who need immediate care and attention. For instance, you will be working with the ambulance services or controlling bleeding and a host of other emergency problems. You will also be responsible to clean and keep the ambulance tidy. In this role, you will earn approximately about £19,337/-. 

Band 4 — Theatre Support Worker

In this role, you will be required to support the surgical team. You will have to take responsibility for patients on the trolleys, work closely with doctors performing surgery on patients, prepare patients for anaesthetics and set instruments and equipment, to name a few. As a theatre support worker, you will earn around £21,892/-.

Band 5 — Newly Qualified Nurse of Staff Nurse

As a newly qualified Band 5 nurse, your starting salary will be £25,655/-. After you gain 2-4 years of work experience, your salary will increase to £27,780/-. After 4+ years of experience as a staff nurse, you can earn up to £31,534/-.

Band 6 — Nursing Specialist or Senior Nurse

Band 6 nursing roles include Senior Nurses, Deputy Ward Managers and various Specialist Nurses. Band 6 roles start at £32,306/- and can move up to £39,027/- for nurses with 5+ years of experience. Although Band 6 nurses have similar responsibilities as Band 5 nurses, roles at Band 6 generally require more specialized skills and qualifications.

Band 7 — Advanced Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Band 7 nursing roles include Ward Managers, Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Specialists. You will need a Master’s degree or equivalent to apply to this band. Band 7 posts often require nurses to conduct detailed assessments, make diagnoses and prescribe medication. Band 7 roles start at £40,057/- and can go up to £45,839/- after 5 years of experience.

Band 8 — Modern Matron/Chief Nurse

In this role, you will be managing a large team of nurses. You may have to carry out certain nursing duties as well. Band 8 roles start at £47,126/- but can rise all the way up to £90,837/-. The salary range for band 8 nurses is quite high due to the responsibilities and long hours associated with the role.

Band 9 — Consultant Level Nurse

Band 9 is the most senior position available to nurses. Nurses in this position are experts in their field and help to educate others. Nurses at this level will require specialist skills and qualifications in addition to substantial experience. Band 9 roles start at £93,735/- and can go up to £108,075/-.

Now that you have a clear idea of the NHS nurse banding system, you can prepare and apply for nursing jobs in the UK.

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Understanding the NHS Nursing Banding System

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