Starting Salary for Nurses in the UK

Starting Salary for Nurses in the UK| Global Nurse Force

Starting Salary for Newly Qualified Nurses in the NHS

The current starting salary for a Band 5 Nurse in the UK is £24,907 per year. This is the minimum starting salary and does not include any allowances you may receive for working in a high cost area.

After tax, pension and miscellaneous expenses, nurses working in the NHS generally receive between £1,600 – £1,800 per month. Each year nurses receive a pay increment as long as they complete mandatory training requirements.

Starting Salary for Newly Qualified Nurses in the Private Sector?

Newly qualified nurses can also start their nursing careers in the private sector. Since pay in the private sector is unregulated, it is difficult to give an exact starting salary amount. In general, starting salaries in the private sector tend to be higher than the NHS.

Since a majority of newly qualified nurses start their careers within the NHS, private providers usually have to pay higher salaries to attract nurses.

Other Considerations:

The NHS are known to provide excellent benefits including training and development opportunities and one of the best pension schemes in the world.On the other hand, private healthcare facilities generally offer more flexibility and better nurse to patient ratios which can lead to a less stressful work environment. So, when considering where you should work as a nurse, you need to consider the benefits and lifestyle in addition to your nursing salary.

Supplementing Your Income as an Agency or Bank Nurse

Many nurses work via an agency or through their Trust’s bank to supplement their income. This type of work offers flexibility and much higher daily rates of pay.  However, you do not have the benefits and security of a full-time nursing position.

In general, it is better to work as an agency or bank nurse once you’ve gained some nursing experience in the UK. Ultimately, your agency nursing pay will vary depending on your experience, work location and nursing specialty.

How Can You Earn Extra Money as a Nurse in the UK?

  • You can earn more money by working overtime, night shifts, weekends and on public holidays.  Some of these shifts even offer double pay.
  • You can also earn extra money by taking on additional shifts as a bank or agency nurse.  You generally need to have some nursing experience in the UK before you can do this type of work.
  • Another way to earn extra income as an international nurse is by helping nurses overseas with IELTS, OET, CBT or OSCE preparation for a fee agreed upon by you and the candidate.
  • Your experience moving to the UK has given you knowledge and skills that can help others around the world that are looking for similar opportunities.
  • If you are good at writing, you can work as a freelance nursing/health writer. Many online health magazines hire nurses as freelance writers to contribute professional content.
  • Many nurses have hobbies including arts and crafts, cooking and baking to de-stress and avoid burnout.  Nowadays, you can make money out of your hobby or culinary skills by selling your products online or even to your co-workers.
  • These are just a few ways you can earn extra money as a nursing professional. Choosing the best option for you will depend on your schedule, skills and passion.

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Starting Salary for Nurses in the UK

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  7. The starting salary for newly qualified nurses in the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK is currently £24,907 per year. It’s important to note that this figure represents the minimum starting salary and doesn’t include any additional allowances that nurses may receive if they work in high-cost areas.

  8. After accounting for taxes, pension contributions, and miscellaneous expenses, nurses working in the NHS typically receive a net income ranging between £1,600 to £1,800 per month. Additionally, nurses in the NHS receive annual pay increments, provided they fulfill mandatory training requirements.

  9. In general, starting salaries in the private sector tend to be higher than those in the NHS. This is often because private healthcare providers need to offer competitive compensation packages to attract nurses away from the NHS, where many new nurses begin their careers.

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